Distinct! Winter Equip 2020

Distinct! Priesthood of All Believers and Congregationalism

January 29, 2020 Speaker: Ryan Brice Series: Distinct!

Topic: Distinct!


Priesthood of All Believers and Congregationalism

Opening Group Discussion:

During a contentious church business meeting, a member of teh church states to the pastor, "my tithes pay your salary so you need to do what I say."  To which the pastor responds, "I don't work for you, I'm only accountable to God."

Is either correct?  Why?

I.  Priesthood of All Believers

    1.  "Every believer has direct access to God through Jesus Christ, and the church is a fellowship of priests serving together under the lordship of Christ."


    2.  The Old Covenant Priesthood


    3. The New Covenant Priesthood


    4.  Brief History of the Doctrine


    5.  Dangers of the Doctrine if Misapplied


II.  Congregationalism

    A.  Church government where final human authority rests with the local congregation when it gathers for decision-making.


    B.  The New Testament Model for Church Polity

         1.  Congregational Church Discipline (Matthew 18:15-20)


         2.  Congregational Decision-Making (Acts 6: 1-7)


         3.  Congregational Commissioning (Acts 13:2, 3)


         4.  Congregational Agreement of Belief and Practice (Acts 15)


     C.  The Traditional Models of Church Polity


     D.  The Nansemond River Model


Closing Group Discussion:

How can we promote unity within the local church while affirming the priesthood of all believers as well as maintaining a congregational church polity?

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