Desperate Encounters

October 9, 2022 Preacher: Ryan Brice Series: The Gospel of Mark

Passage: Mark 5:1–43

Main Idea: Those who encounter Jesus in desperation for him experience life.

The Desperate Need to Encounter for Jesus

  • The desperate need of a spiritually oppressed man
    • Mark 5:1–7
  • The desperate need of a chronically ill woman
    • Mark 5:24b–28
  • The desperate need of a dying child
    • Mark 5:21–24a, 35

Jesus’ Response to Those in Desperate Need of Him

  • Jesus exercises authority over spiritual oppressors
    • Mark 5:8–13
  • Jesus extends compassion to heal the sick
    • Mark 5:29–34
  • Jesus demonstrates his power to raise the dead
    • Mark 5:36–43

The Aftermath of a Desperate Encounter with Jesus

  • Some are afraid and reject him
    • Mark 5:14–17
  • Those who find life in Jesus seek to follow him and tell others about him
    • Mark 5:18–20

So What?

  • Have I recognized my desperate need for Jesus?
    • Mark 5:34, 36
    • John 10:10

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