Core Competencies

The vision of our church (Reach Up, Reach In, Reach Out) not only guides every ministry but every member. This vision helps each person to determine the effectiveness of their personal relationship with Christ.

1. In WORSHIP through passionate participation in corporate singing, cheerful and sacrificial giving to support the ministries and mission of the church, and active learning when the Bible is being preached.

2. In PRAYER through consistent intercession for the needs of fellow believers as well as the lost in our community and around the world and heartfelt praise and thanksgiving to God.

3. In DISCIPLESHIP through significant engagement in a small group, learning to read, study, and obey the Bible, and identifying my spiritual gifts and using them to strengthen the church.

4. In FELLOWSHIP through developing meaningful relationships and partnering together to care for and love others within my church.

5. In EVANGELISM through growing in compassion for those who do not know Christ and cultivating relationships with the lost and intentionally seeking opportunities to verbally share the gospel.

6. In MINISTRY through caring for and participating in meeting the tangible needs of those in my community and around the world.

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