Covenant Membership

Christ has created us by a covenant to be His people. The Bible calls the church the “bride” and “body” of Christ. We are not just individuals. We are a people made for God. To fulfill our calling, we form assemblies, called churches, which covenant together to be the body of Christ for each other, the world, and the glory of God. A primary reason why it is fitting for local churches to be formed as covenant communities, is so believers can be the church for each other. Churches in the Bible are primarily emphasized as local, visible congregations. The term “covenant” simply means “formal agreement,” “solemn promise,” or “public commitment.” When we describe church membership as a covenant to a local community of believers, we are simply saying that by becoming a member of a particular church, we are not simply entering into rights and privileges but we are assuming certain responsibilities and obligations. We are united under a specific, shared purpose with mutual promises. We share responsibility and accountability. Covenant membership fosters a greater sense of ownership of the mission of the local church, it clarifies the roles and responsibilities of church leaders, and it protects the integrity and reputation of the church.

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