Core Values

Our six core values serve as guiding principles for what we value and prioritize.  Each core value is driven by one of our six core beliefs

1. We value expositional preaching in our corporate gatherings, the systematic teaching of God’s Word in small groups, and the personal study and application of Scripture by all believers.

2. We value worship and prayer and seek to glorify God both corporately and individually.

3. We value every human life and will demonstrate God’s love to all people at all times while giving special support to those in need including the unborn, the orphan, and the widow.

4. We value the gospel and its centrality to the life and mission of all believers and the unifying message of our church as we seek to proclaim the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus in our community and around the world.

5. We value a diverse, multi-generational congregation, led by a plurality of elders and served by faithful deacons, which is driven to accomplish the mission of making disciples together.

6. We value marriage and family; we will work to honor marriages, support families, partner with parents to disciple their children, and encourage singles in their commitment to Christ.

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