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May Prayer Guide

This month, the elders of NRBC are calling our church family to join with other SBC of Virginia churches for a month of prayer. Each week, we will provide a Scripture passage and five days worth of specific prayer based on that passage that guides us to pray for our own hearts, our families, our church, the nations and missionaries, and our community and nation. 

Click here to access a printable PDF version of this week’s prayer guide.

May 25-29 Scripture Passage: Psalm 24

Monday, May 25- Pray for your own heart to:

  • Remember that the Lord owns the whole earth and the fullness thereof
  • Remember that YOU belong to Him - He has made you and you are His
  • Be pure by grace through faith in Jesus
  • Not be lifted up to false gods or falsehood
  • Rejoice in the blessings of God
  • Rest in the righteousness that comes from God
  • Seek the face of the Lord daily
  • Be lifted up to see and trust the King of Glory


Tuesday, May 26- Pray for our families to:

  • Prepare the next and now generation to seek after God
  • Trust the Lord who owns all things to provide for us
  • Trust in the glorious might of God
  • Seek the Lord for His glory and not just for His gifts and blessings
  • Promote and pursue purity before God


Wednesday, May 27- Pray for our church to:

  • Be places of pure hearts and pure devotion to God
  • Be places of truth, turning from what is false and deceitful
  • Be places of hope, lifting our heads and seeing God in His glory
  • Be places of power because God is mighty, not us
  • Be places of glory, pointing to God’s glory, not our own


Thursday, May 28- Pray for the nations:

  • To realize and abandon the falsehoods of false gods and religions
  • To trust in Christ to make them pure and clean before God
  • That this would be the last generation without a witness among many unreached, unengaged people groups
  • That the King of Glory would make Himself known and come in to the lives of countless people around the globe


Friday, May 29- Pray for our communities, nation, and leaders:

  • To recognize that God alone has real power and glory
  • To turn from deceit and the lies of the world to trust the God of truth
  • To repent of the unrighteousness of falsehood and the self-righteousness of trying to climb to God on their own
  • To find freedom, deliverance, cleansing, forgiveness and purity in God alone

Bless Every Home

Through our partnership with the Southern Baptist Churches of Virginia, we have an opportunity to utilize a powerful new tool called Bless Every Home, to help us be reminded to pray for our neighbors.  Through Bless Every Home, you can sign up to be a light in your neighborhood and will be reminded each day of specific neighbors that you can be in prayer for, care for, share the Gospel with, and disciple.  To sign up to be a light in your community, please visit Bless Every Home and find out how you can take advantage of this opportunity to show the love of Christ to your neighbors.

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