Distinct! Winter Equip 2020

Distinct! Autonomy of the Local Church and the Cooperative Program

February 5, 2020 Speaker: Ryan Brice Series: Distinct!


Autonomy of the Local Church and the Cooperative Program


Opening Group Discussion:

Another local church has invited a guest preacher that we know is living in unrepented sin.  What responsibility do we have, if any, to that church to tell them what we know and influence them to rescind the invitation?


I.  Autonomy of the Local Church

    A.  Every church, under the Lordship of Christ, is free to direct its own affairs including calling pastors, determining doctrine, making financial decisions, and other church-related matters without outside influence or supervision.


    B.  Local Church Autonomy as a Natural Extension of Priesthood of All Believers


    C.  The Autonomy of New Testament Congregations


    D.  Brief History of the Doctrine

             1.  "Each Church is forever free and independent, of any and every ecclesiastical power formed by men on earth, each being the free house-hold of Christ." (Bill of Inalienable Rights, Part. 1 of the Union Baptist Association, October 8, 1840)


    E.  Dangers of the Doctrine if Misapplied


II.  The Cooperative Program

    A.  A Brief HIstory of the Cooperative Program


    B.  The SBC of Virginia


    C.  The Entities of the Southern Baptist Convention


         1. Mission and Education Entities that Receive CP Funding

             a) International Mission Board

             b) North American Mission Board

             c) Six Southern Baptist Seminaries

             d) Ethics and Religious Liberties Commission


         2.  Support Agencies That Do Not Receive CP Funding

             a) Lifeway Christian Resources

             b) Guidestone Financial Resources


    D.  Tracking $1000 given to NRBC

        1.  $900 is used for Ministry and Mission through NRBC

        2.  $100 is Forwarded to the Cooperative Program Through the SBC of Virginia


             a) SBCV Keeps $49

                 (1) Church Planting                          $15.51

                 (2) Church Strengthening                 $12.81

                 (3) Mobilization                                $9.73

                 (4) Ministry Support                         $7.17

                 (5) Leadership                                 $3.78


            b) SBCV Forwards $51 to SBC Executive Committee

                 (1) International Mission Board         $24

                 (2) N.A. Mission Board                     $10.88

                 (3) Seminaries                                $10.58

                 (4) ERLC                                         $2.26

                 (5) Convention and CP Resource.      $3.28


Closing Group Discussion:

Why is working together for the purpose of missions and education more effective than going alone?


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